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Space simulations systems for testing aerospace components

The challenge:

Space simulation systems are used for testing all components whose area of application is in a very thin or outside of our atmosphere. This not only includes satellites but also components of flying objects and rockets.

When simulating space conditions, it is not only necessary to create a suitable vacuum inside the chamber but also to take into account many other factors. In particular, this includes the simulation of temperature curves which correspond to the light and shadow phases in Earth’s orbit and may result in material deformation.


JUST VACUUM develops complete space simulation systems on the basis of customer’s objectives. Typically, these consist of:

  •    Vacuum chamber (copper, aluminum or stainless steel)
  •    Shroud (copper, aluminum or stainless steel)
  •    Dynamic temperature control system (-200°C to +250°C)
  •    Lifting and traversing mechanisms
  •    Control and automation equipment with visualisation and software

In comparison to other manufacturers, JUST VACUUM’s temperature control system requires significantly less space and offers reduced noise pollution and, at the same time, optimised temperature distribution as well as precise temperature control.


Just Vacuum offers
  •    Design of customer specific space simulation systems
  •    Preceding simulations of the temperature distribution on table and shroud
  •    Calculation of nitrogen consumption
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