Just Vacuum


We manufacture feedthroughs suitable for vacuum according to your exact specifications – please send us your enquiry!

SUB-D feedthroughs

We manufacture SUB-D feedthroughs according to our customers’ specific requirements and can distribute the atmosphere and vacuum side plugs according to MIL-C-24308 with up to 50 pins on KF, ISO-K and CF flanges.

Cable feedthroughs

We also manufacture cable feedthroughs completely in-house by casting cables of any diameter and any length on atmosphere and vacuum side into a flange half nipple with a special compound.

SMA feedthroughs

SMA feedthroughs are manufactured by either screwing or welding the single or double-sided plugs used to transmit high-frequency signals into a specifically prepared blank flange according to customer requirements.

BNC feedthroughs

Similar to SMA feedthroughs, BNC feedthroughs are also manufactured by welding single or double-sided plugs into a specifically prepared flange. The plugs are available in different versions.

Thermocouple feedthroughs

Our thermocouple feedthroughs can be used to measure the temperature in a vacuum. As with the cable feedthroughs, we manufacture them by casting thermocouple cable (e.g. of types T, K, J and others) into a flange half nipple with a special compound.

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